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Aging Gracefully

We would all love a world were we could eat and drink what ever we wanted with out the health issues that usually come with that lifestyle.  Most of us battle some sort of health problem or will at some point in our lives.  There are those among us however that manage to age gracefully.  What are their secrets?  Proper diet, proper exercise and proper lifestyle choices are the keys. Nutrition is the first step to setting your foundation of a healthy life. Staying away from processed foods and sugars are a great start.  

Strengthening the squat, deadlift and press will allow you to stay independent longer.  How are you going to continue to use the restroom with out help if you can’t go from a seated position to a standing position? (squat)  When your alone and drop your keys how are you going to unlock your door if you cant bend down and pick them up? (deadlift) And those groceries you just bought, who is going to put them away on the shelves if you are not strong enough to lift them over your head? (press)  We do these movements everyday, why not strengthen them to ensure that we can continue to do them longer.

Commitment to health will allow you to live your life to the fullest. Let us help you live a long healthy life!